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How womens watches represents eternal declaration of elegance?

Antique Watches  Did you know that the women's watch represents an eternal declaration of elegance? Here is a synthesis of that denomination. SOURCE This is the case with the lady and the watch, a story - practically a romance - that stretches back to the nineteenth century but about which little is known today, because the history of watchmaking has been written and run by men. The watch, the ultimate macho accessory, has an undeniably feminine foundation. we take a look back at the pivotal moments in the evolution of this iconic piece. The first wristwatch, which was more of a bracelet than a watch. It was created in 1810 for Carolina Murat, one of Napoleon Bonaparte's younger sisters, who commissioned Abraham-Louis. A highly sophisticated mechanism set on a bracelet made of braided hair with gold threads by Abraham-Louis Breguet (1747- 1823). This trading model is still used today. Patek Philippe made his first wristwatch for Countess Koscowicz, a