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Smart Watch Women Waterproof Heart Rate.

  Smartwatches  Smart Watch Women Waterproof Heart Rate Monitoring Pedometer Bluetooth For Andro. TIME IS SPENT ON THE WONDERFUL THINGS., so every moment is exciting. SMART BLOOD PRESSURE PARE BRACELET, BE CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR HEALTH, KEEP RECORD OF YOUR HEALTH INFORMATION Smartwatches  can track your physiological cycle month by month, reminding you of your menstrual period, safe period, and dangerous period. Take good care of yourself. Features:    24 hours continue Heart rate detection, Blood pressure test.     Time / clock display, step, calories, distance, switch on/off display.     Multiple sport mode (running, swimming, riding, climing, basketball, football,walking, batminton).    Sleep monitoring (sleep time, sleep quality, stay up late).    Call reminders, SMS reminder, qq reminder, micro reminder, Skype, facebook, whatsApp reminder.    Find the phone and find th