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Olevs Skeleton Ceramic wristwatch

This new ladies' OLEVS Women Waterproof  Skeleton Dial  Moon Phase Ceramic Mechanical Wrist Watches  automatic watch makes the band pleasant and smooth, as well as robust. The length of the ceramic strap can be modified according to the size of your hand; the appropriate size is provided. Having a pleasant wearing experience A balancing wheel and hairspring watch driven by a mainspring is an automatic mechanical ladies' watch. Please return the crown to its original position when you receive the watch. To rotate the crown, turn it 30-40 times clockwise in the regular operating position. Wearing the watch for more than 8 hours a day is required to keep it working smoothly. Allow enough electricity for the watch to function. This mechanical watch can be worn for a variety of occasions. You'll feel more at ease thanks to the laid-back look. The present young people's pursuit of fashion is reflected in the compact and generous luminous design idea. You

Olevs Luxury womens watches

Fashion Casual by Olevs 1-About Olevs  OLEVS is a well-known fashion watch brand that embodies the allure of European and American fashion for consumers to build their own unique style, fashion brand, and stylish people with a rich and polished product. In 2013, the world's largest markets were opened, and the response was positive. 1.2-Quartz Watch Rhinestone Women Wrist Watch Rose Gold Steel Band Date Shows and casual watch can go with Business and casual watch can go with every outfit and enjoyment, allowing you to effortlessly spice up a boring outfit and bring style to your life. excellent present for women. The quartz movement and batteries are sourced from Japan and provide precise time and service for more than three years. Shockproof, anti-key scratching surface; high-quality stainless steel strap; simple and attractive dial design; bright conditions For more than three years, the qu