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Rare New Old Stock Gevril Women watch

  About Gevril Company Rare New Old Stock Gevril Women watch Gevril pays close attention to the little things, such the raised, hand-painted numerals and the CNC-machined wesselton diamonds. Jacques Gevril founded the Gevril watch firm in La  Chaux-de-Fonds,  Switzerland, in the middle  of the eighteenth century. He produced his first chronometer in 1743 and his first repetition dial in 1744.He was a highly sought-after expert of horology. Most notably, the King of Spain requested him in 1758 to create a personal clock. It was received so favorably that Gevril was chosen to serve as the Spanish Crown's Royal Swiss Watchmaker. Moyse Gevril, Jacques Gevril's son, carried on the family watchmaking  legacy and became a Master Clockmaker. In museums throughout Europe, including the Rolex Museum and the Museum Geneve, Gevril timepieces are on display. In 2000, Samuel Friedman bought the business