How womens watches represents eternal declaration of elegance?

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Did you know that the women's watch represents an eternal declaration of elegance? Here is a synthesis of that denomination.


This is the case with the lady and the
watch, a story - practically a romance - that
stretches back to the nineteenth century
but about which little is known today,
because the history of watchmaking has
been written and run by men. The watch,
the ultimate macho accessory, has an
undeniably feminine foundation.  we take a look back at the pivotal
moments in the evolution of this iconic

The first wristwatch, which was more of a
bracelet than a watch.
It was created in 1810 for Carolina Murat,
one of Napoleon Bonaparte's younger
sisters, who commissioned Abraham-Louis.

A highly sophisticated mechanism set on a
bracelet made of braided hair with gold
threads by Abraham-Louis Breguet (1747-
1823). This trading model is still used
today. Patek Philippe made his first
wristwatch for Countess Koscowicz, a
Hungarian aristocrat, a few years later, in
For nearly a century, these models were
thought to be entirely female: a true man
did not wear a watch on his wrist.

Mercedes Gleitze, an English swimmer,
crossed the English Channel in 1927
wearing a Rolex Oyster, which was
sponsored by an advertisement in the
Daily Mail with the slogan "The watch that
resists the elements." Shortly after, in
1932, American aviator Amelia Earhart
crossed the Atlantic alone, accompanied
only by an Omega chronograph that
recorded the journey's twelve hours. Was
the first woman to fly from coast to coast without
stopping, and the first person to
accomplish so twice in record time. Both
were trailblazers who fused feminism and
advertising by combining their identities
with those of the corporations that
supported them. Both succeeded in
imposing the meaning of "wristwatch" on
"strap watch."

They merged their names with the names
of the companies who funded them.
bringing feminism and advertising together.

The first male wristwatch was not
produced until 1904 (although it was
referred to as a'strap watch' to distinguish
it from feminine models). Designed by
Louis Cartier for his friend and aviation
pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont, 
A Brazilian businessman. Shortly after World
War I, this style of figure became socially Acceptable.


There are 8 different categories

of watches in which the

following appear:Dress watch,Quartz watch,Mechanical watch,Analog Watch 

Digital_Watch.,Automatic,Chronograph and Diving Watch.

The mechanical watch has lost the majority of its market to

the quartz watch. This is commonly referred to as the quartz

Innovation Smartwatches, which are complicated computer.

On the

other hand, most electronic quartz timepieces include time-

related features like as timers, chronographs, and alarm

functions. Quartz movements are utilized in the majority of

low- and mid-priced timepieces on the market today.

In relation to the diversity of

women's watches in the

market, it is important to know

about them, each item brings a

description of the

product. Some, such as the

smarbands, have the following


If you're seeking to buy a watch to get insight into how

your body reacts to your exercise routine-and to help you

improve your workouts and rest days--at the very least, you

should have these three characteristics on your wrist. And, to

be honest, simply wearing your fitness tracker has the

potential to motivate you to exercise more,especially Fitbit brand.

Finally it should be added that Yo will find:

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by categories including dress, luxury, and casual fashionable
types, bundle of superior quality.A classic 
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stainless steel watches for Womens. A magnificent gold rose in a
traditional form will add elegance to any occasion. And many more.
Selección of a wide variety of womens watches within the following categories:
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